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Our Story - Women Supporting Women

Victoria Fazio, Founder of Propa Beauty

The true heroes of our lives will always involve a woman, starting from our mothers to our aunts, sisters and girlfriends. We make products that harness the fantastic work and support women give to each other every day. We are that sister, that friend who is rooting for the overcomers. Applauding you on, through big and small victories as you take on life by the Goals.   

As a female founder, makeup has played an important role in many key milestones of my life. During my corporate career, I wanted a makeup line that energized the courageous and confidence in women as we take on the battles to become leaders in our own fields. Makeup is powerful and its about time its marketed as an arsenal which goes beyond just getting cute. I want women to look their best on the outside, but also to feel their best on the inside. 

No more “MAKING IT WORK.” 

Over the last couple years, we have been painstakingly mixing pigments and formulas that have our skin tones at the center stage of beauty innovations. Never again will we have to say, "if only this shade was just a tiny bit darker, a tiny bit warmer or a tiny bit redder, then it would be perfect for me." 

Welcome to Propa Beauty Inc.

Join us, as we embark on a mission to build a beauty tribe, leading by example as we launch a brand during these uncertain time of Covid-19, while motivating Queens everywhere. 

Welcome to our Queendom of Beauty!