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It’s the Subtle Differences that Make all the Difference

When we set out to create a new line of lipstick, we were looking to do more than just recycle the standard line of lipstick collections already out there. Why? Because, your lipstick should work for you and it is the most powerful yet prominent piece on your face, but it should also be developed with your skin tone in mind if not at the center stage of design.

Bold blasts of color! That works just right!  We were inspired by the natural red clay of Sedona (Arizona) and the Himba Sand (Namibia) as well as the natural multiple hues found on our lips. Equipped with many years of being disappointed with a lack of whats in the market, combined we put together a line of shades that is inclusive and quiet unique as it caters to a diverse group of people and moods. Finally, we achieved not just the color we were happy with, but each shades warmth, undertones, and silkiness. 

Explore our 19 shades of Power Lipstick and let it encourage/congratulate your with all the boss-babe affirmations to make your day or event stand out among all the memories you plan to make this year. Because at Propa Beauty we are rooting for you, YOU are Unstoppable and you best start audaciously believing and dreaming  IT!