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It’s the Subtle Differences that Make All the Difference

When we set out to create a new line of lipstick, we were looking to do more than just recycle the standard shades already out there. Why? Because, your lipstick should work for you and it is the most powerful yet prominent piece on your face.

Bold blast of color! That works just right!  We were inspired by the natural red clay of Sedona (Arizona) and the Himba Sand (Namibia). We had our lab team mix and remix, and remix, and… well you get the point. Finally, we achieved not just the color we were happy with, but each shades warmth, undertones, and silkiness. 

By the time we tirelessly finished the process we had 12-shades that made our lips look healthier and more full with a bit of shine, but not overly glossy. The texture is incredibly creamy smooth and glides on effortlessly.

With 12-shade all focused on brownish , berry rose mauve and nutty toast nude tones, we were able to create a wide but subtle variety and difference between the shades. With accents of plummy mauve to autumn foliage orange we created a lineup of lipsticks for those with dark skin tones to call nude lipstick and wear comfortably and effortlessly.