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Finally, A Lipstick Made Just for You

The Luminous Satin Lipstick Collection



Extract the POWERS within yourself, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES AND MORE.

These highly pigmented collection of shades are extremely lightweight, with no toxic ingredients like Parabens. Comfortable to wear all day everyday, and it provides a luminous Satin finish. With 12 delicious shades, we have enough shades to amour up the inner Queen Warrior inside for success. Our choice of names for each lipstick stems from the fact that when you are attending that big milestone in your life, regardless if it's a joyous moment or a moment where you need more encouragement.

Arriving in 12 variance of skin-flattering nude shades – “DRIVEN”, “EMPOWER,” “LIMITLESS,” “BELIEVE IT”, “PROFITS”, “FIGHTER,” “VICTRESS”,“CLO$ER”, “FOCUSED,” “FINESSE,” “MADE IT,”  and “HER MAGIC,”. The lipstick comes in a new, Delicious creamy consistency that is moisture-rich and deeply pigmented. Additionally, our buttery formula has been infused with a tiny hint of Vanilla Cream fragrance to lightly give off a sweet pleasant aroma. 

We wanted to create the luxury of just grabbing your lipstick, apply and go. The shades are created to depict natural colors found on a diverse amount of lip pigments, therefore no lip liner needed here. Just apply and set your goals on fire.

To add dimension and definition to the lips, pair your desired shade with what we call the three "Anchors" - “EMPOWER”, “FIGHTER” and “FOCUSED”. Meet your new winning squad, bold, delicious brown lipsticks that will make a statement on their own or you can pair them up with any of the other shades in order to add a pop of color. By the way,  you can go ahead and throw out that shaved down 2'' lip liner, you won't need it after you meet these three. 

Intensity the color even further - try out the OMBRE LOOKS, shade suggestions are outlined per shade description. Pair and blend 2 shades for an ombre color gradient and soft focus glow that features a smack of color right in the center of the lips. 

The collection is divided into three pigment families:

  • Deep Reddish Browns: EMPOWER, FIGHTER & FOCUSED.
  • Toasted Nutty Pumpkin: LIMITLESS, BELIEVE IT, PROFITS & MADE IT.


The POWER POUTS Collection - is truly a lipstick made just for you!

 Propa Beauty gift box with nude lipstick for women of color - WOC

Apply and get out the door, but first, take a selfie and Tag us on Instagram and twitter - @propabeauty and don't forget to use the hashtag #shepropabeauty.

We Adore you💋




  • Just APPLY and GET out the Door, Get stuff done!
  • All shades are ideal for everyday wear with warm-toned natural nudes designed on the faces of women with Tan to DARK skin hues.
  • Our blend of waxes helps the lipstick to glide on effortlessly, buildable coverage, true color with deep warm pigments for a healthy shine to the lips.
  • Finally a lipstick made to empower and accompany you to victory. 
  • Shades of nudes with a difference